Alexander Tuschinski, born in 1988, directed his first short movies when he was 16 years old.
Before enrolling at Stuttgart Media University in 2008, he had already filmed several short films and music-videos for self-composed satirical songs. When he started his studies of Audiovisual Media, student life quickly gave him lots of ideas for his first feature-length film Menschenliebe, which he wrote, produced and directed. The film won numerous international awards, amongst others, „Best Comedy Film“ at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival.
Tuschinski graduated Stuttgart Media University in 2011 as a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Audiovisual Media, and University of Stuttgart in 2014 as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in history and literature. In 2019, he graduated University of Stuttgart as Master in Arts (M.A.) in history.

"At twenty-three, Alexander Tuschinski has begun to reveal his own very personal voice (...) with talent that is blossoming splendidly."
Miles Kreuger, President: Institute of the American Musical, January 2012.

Awards (excerpt)

American Movie Awards 2014: Best Foreign Film (for Break-Up)
California Film Awards 2011: Best Director (for Menschenliebe)
Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 2011: Best Comedy Film (for Menschenliebe)
Berlin Independent Film Festival 2013: Best short < 5 min (for Hollow Date)
TAKE ONE Award 2012: Best New Filmmaker
Park City Film Festival 2011: Gold Medal for Excellence (for Menschenliebe)
Las Vegas Film Festival 2011: Silver Ace Award (for Mutant Calculator)
Action On Film International Film Festival 2011: Best New Director (Nomination, for Menschenliebe)
Nevada Film Festival 2011: Platinum Reel Award (for Mutant Calculator)
Nevada Film Festival 2011: Best Foreign Film (for Menschenliebe)
Honolulu Film Awards 2012: Special Jury Award (for Menschenliebe)
Houston WorldFest 2014: Silver Remi - Comedy Feature (for Break-Up)